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What is a Serbian Chef Knife?

What is a Serbian Chef Knife?

What is a Serbian Chef Knife?

The Serbian Chef Knife is an unmistakable kitchen tool.

 If you’ve seen a picture of a Serbian Chef knife, it likely sparked curiosity, intrigue, and perhaps even an unwavering desire to pick it up and wield this magnificent blade yourself. 

Visually, the Serbian Chef knife is an impressive feat of blacksmithing, featuring a blade that is reminiscent of a traditional meat cleaver but with elements of a standard chef knife.

If a chef’s knife and a meat cleaver got together and had a baby, the result would be the Serbian chef knife.

But do you need one for your kitchen? Will it get used enough to justify the investment? How can it be used? 

These questions and more are what we’ll be covering in this guide.

Good news! You CAN justify having this giant knife in your kitchen. You might wonder why you haven’t had it all along!

What is a Serbian Chef Knife: an overview
One of the most versatile blades in cooking, the Serbian Chef knife is as multi-functional as it is visually stunning. Some chefs even consider it to be the ‘Swiss-army knife’ of the kitchen, capable of handling practically any task you throw its way.

Even though this knife looks like a meat cleaver, the design isn’t necessarily intended for cutting through bone. Instead, this ‘Jack of all Trades’ brings together the best design features from various knives, combining them to create this versatile tool for cooking. 


Size: Generally between 10-14”

Weight: Varies based on make and model, but is usually hefty

Shape: Wide wedged blade, somewhere between the shape of a meat cleaver and a traditional chef’s knife.

Uses Slicing, chopping, cutting, dicing, cleaving, etc.

Food Types: nuts, fruit, veggies, cheese, meat, and more

The Versatility of the Serbian Chef Knife

*Chop* ALL the things!

The primary use of the Serbian Knife is for chopping and cutting through larger (or tougher) food items. Think meat, veggies, and the tough skins of the ever-difficult squash.

However, this knife can also chop nicely through herbs and other smaller tasks. Simply put, it just looks more impressive when you do it with this knife.

*Scoop* ALL the things!

The large, flat, and rounded shape is *very* convenient for scooping up chopped food and transferring it. It sounds simple, but how often do you wish you could fit more on the blade of your knife when you transfer those chopped veggies to the pot?

This knife chops the veggies and then acts like a big spatula, making it an efficient blade that is capable of helping you get more done faster, with less mess, and in style.

Precision Cuts

Although the Serbian Knife isn’t the most ideal for highly precise cuts, it is a well-balanced blade capable of making precise cuts when handled correctly. The pointed edge on the tip of the knife makes it very functional for precision cuts and even skinning. That said, remember that this blade is a ‘general purpose’, versatile knife that doesn’t claim to be a specialized blade for any single task.

Careful Cutting

The size of the blade does make it a little easier for the clumsier chefs among us. Additional space to grip the top, and the flat edge of the blade aid in guiding the movements of the knife, while its heft and balance improve stability when in use (Of course, always use caution when handling sharp blades).

Outside the Kitchen

If you happen to be a hunter or someone who enjoys a good camping trip, this knife’s versatility is perfect for packing light and getting the most out of one tool. It might seem big, but if you think of all the uses, you’re saving space. One of this knife’s earliest uses was as a hunting blade and a knife for dressing meats. You know you want one…The Serbian Chef Knife isn’t just an oversized chef’s knife, it’s a practical tool for any cook. If you’re in the market for a durable blade that does the work of many, it might be time to add this handy knife to your collection! And of course, the most important thing is, you get to quote Crocodile Dundee when you pull out your new shiny Serbian Chef knife: “Now that’s a knife!”(If you don’t get this reference, go ahead and look it up, but don’t forget to get your Serbian Chef Knife first.)

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